Throughout the year Art Farm Gaia organizes courses and workshops in Painting, Graphic, Sculpture, Art Therapy, Creative Writing, Meditation and Italian language.

Most courses take place in spring/summer (from May till September), but on request they can be arranged also in autumn/winter. The amenities at Art Farm Gaia allow suitable accommodation even in the latter period.
All the guests attending the courses will be lodged comfortably, in a double room with bathroom and heating, and they will have enough free time to enjoy an excellent holiday.

Generally courses aim provide in-depth study of various art techniques through the experience of world class artists invited for the purpose of giving lessons about their own creative style. Courses last approximately one week, in some cases, two weeks.

Workshops last, on the other hand, two or three days, almost always during weekends.

The material needed for attending the courses (paper, pastel, canvas, brushes, paint, etc.) should be provided by the participants. Tables, chairs, easels, graphic press are part of the Gaia amenities.
If requested, for a fee, the farmhouse Art Farm Gaia can provide all the material necessary for the painting and graphic workshops.

For the courses in sculpture, the guests should bring their own tools. The raw material to be carved (wood, stone, marble) will be supplied by Gaia without charge.
The work produced by students will stay in loco and enrich the Art Farm Gaia sculpture park.